Nexus Market link in Darkweb and Review

Nexus Market is pretty new to the darknet ecosystem, with a sleek design and easily facilitated registration. Product offerings seem to be one of the more conservative and rules-focused that Nexus has ever seen on the darknet. Notably, They Have Implemented A Comprehensive Ban On The Sale Of Anything Related To Fraud Or Malware. Further to this, Nexus has gone the extra mile to disallow the sale of all classes of opiate drugs like oxycodone, heroin, and all others, again adding to the standard fentanyl-only ban. For fairness, Nexus added a random seed system to make sure that all of the listings being displayed for a session are randomized, giving another element of unpredictability. This ethic approach is excellent evidence that Nexus Market is, in deeds, committed to the principles which are very essential within the dark net markets community.


Nexus Market Onion link

Here we found one onion link for this market , when we check it worked.

You can register on this market , and see what they offer.


This onion link only works in Tow Browser. so don’t fotget to use it.

Nexus Market Quick Info :


Attribute Detail
Year Founded 2023
Cryptocurrencies Accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Total Product/Service Listings 1700
Product Categories Fraud, Drugs & Chemicals, Counterfeit Items, Services, Software & Hosting, Others
Multi-Signature Escrow Yes
Market Version 1.2.6
Cost of Vendor Bond $250

Market Rules , Trading and Transactions

Encouraging trades outside the NEXUS Market is discouraged, especially using platforms such as Wickr, Telegram, or Signal. Placing false orders or reviews is prohibited, as this may lead to a ban on the account. Original product images must be used by the vendor. It’s strictly not allowed to use any pictures of another vendor’s property. There is an absolute prohibition on any misrepresentation in regard to the efficacy of the drug; sales of any sorts of fake or placebo drugs sold without clear labeling; deceiving customers in any way is strictly forbidden. Falsifying shipment information or providing a false tracking number is not allowed.

Nexus market link

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