Nemesis May Drop Bitcoin Over Fees for Anonymous Monero


Nemesis Market administrators warned they may cease supporting Bitcoin payments going forward due to high miner fees and are suggesting buyers transition to more privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero instead. This abrupt announcement received mixed reactions from the dark web marketplace community.

Exploring Suggested Routes to Monero

To aid the proposed shift away from blockchain giant Bitcoin, Nemesis reps pointed buyers towards services adding or swapping holdings anonymously without identity disclosures:


  1. GetMonero
  2. CakeWallet
  3. MyMonero


  • LocalMonero
  • AgoraDesk
  • Bisq

But admins notably cautioned against options like Exodus which mandate submitting personal documents defeating privacy aims.

Mixed Community Reaction to Bitcoin Phase Out Considerations

Opinions spanned the spectrum on dropping the longest-standing cryptocurrency which enjoys the most mainstream adoption and interfaces.


Some cited reduced risks and smoother transfers leveraging Monero’s enhanced anonymity features providing cover for transactions and withdrawals/deposits.


Others worried fewer payment coin options could hamper attracting new merchant registrations on the marketplace which continues expanding inventory and building volume.


Some attempted middle grounds like keeping Bitcoin transfers but adjusting to only slower/lower fee batches to sustain minimal operating costs for vendors.